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Customers post new suggestions and vote for existing ones they want to see. Letting you know which features they would value the most.

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Respond to suggestions, letting customers know their feedback is heard, appreciated & valued.

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Invest your time & money with precision, focusing on the features customers value the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create multiple boards?

Yes, you can create as many boards as you'd like. You can invite others to help manage each board too.

Can I add team members to help administrate my boards?

Yes, you can add unlimited admin users to each board. They won't have access to your other boards unless you allow this.

Can I respond to suggestions?

Yes, you can add an "Official Response" which will be displayed next to the relevant suggestion. You can also set a status for each suggestion and/or contact the person who made it if they choose to provide their contact details.

What are the suggestion status options?

In Progress

How do I know when a new suggestion is made?

We'll automatically send email notifications to all board admins when a new suggestion is posted. This means you can respond quickly and stay on top of customer feedback.

Can I moderate & delete suggestions?

Admins or board owners can manage suggestions from the board management page. You'll also receive a notification every time a new suggestion is posted, so you can act quickly if it is inappropriate.

Are customers required to provide contact details before voting or suggesting?

When posting a new suggestion, customers are given the option to provide their contact details to allow you to get in touch, or to help you identify them, however it is not required.

Why are customers not asked to create an account before voting?

Making the process as easy & as smooth as possible means you'll gather more feedback from customers. Asking users to create an account before providing feedback may turn some away that might have otherwise provided valuable feedback.

How do you stop users voting multiple times & manipulating results?

We use a combination of IP addresses, unique sessions, and HTTP cookies to ensure that customers can only vote once for each suggestion.

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